Syracuse University Creates New Multicultural Living Learning Community for Upperclass Students

In response to student feedback, Syracuse University has expanded its learning communities for the 2020-21 academic year. New options include an Indigenous Living Learning Community (LLC), International LLC, LGBTQ+ LLC, and a new Upperclass Multicultural (MLLC) for sophomores, juniors and seniors.

The Upperclass MLLC will focus on multicultural education, cross-cultural dialogue and community building and will be located on the fifth floor of Ernie Davis Hall. It was created and designed in alignment with recommendations received from more than 220 students via survey and in-person conversations, which helped the Office of Learning Communities establish the Upperclass MLLC’s purpose, location, room type and activities and in identifying potential faculty/staff advisors.

Syracuse University’s 24 learning communities provide the opportunity for students to live together on residence hall floors based on common interests and engage in a variety of academic and social experiences, from potentially taking classes together to participating in programs and events on and off campus.

The original MLLC was created in 1994, when eight students approached the Office of Multicultural Affairs and the Office of Student Activities with the idea of creating a residential living experience where students from different racial and ethnic backgrounds would learn about their diverse cultural backgrounds as well as skills that would help them facilitate discussions on campus about multiculturalism and the impact of race on identity and life experiences. Open to all first-year undergraduates, the MLLC became the first community on campus to intentionally create an ethnically diverse community for residents to live and learn in a multicultural environment.

The Office of Learning Communities also expanded learning communities specifically for sophomores, which include the MORE in STEM LLC, Whitman Leadership LLC and Substance Free Theme Housing. Details about each of the upperclass LLCs are available on the Learning Communities website at