Recommender form

Dear Recommender,

The student who sent you this link is applying to the Our Time Has Come Scholarship Program, also known as the OTHC Scholarship Program. You have been chosen to complete a recommendation form on their behalf.

The program offers eligible students leadership skills and mentorship by Syracuse University alumni and friends, in addition to a monetary scholarship. Our scholars are given an opportunity to enhance their Syracuse University education. We provide encouragement, motivation, and support to students from all disciplines.

We are looking for students with a strong interest in volunteering, leadership training, and joining a supportive community of scholars. Your recommendation helps us understand the applicant’s:

  • volunteer history
  • academic achievement
  • positive attitude
  • motivation to participate in a monthly Saturday leadership program, and
  • interest in participating in a mentorship program

Please complete the recommendation form below, and a letter of recommendation, and submit by Thursday, June 30, 2022.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Maria J. Lopez at Thank you.

Main campus (full-time students)

University College (part-time students)

  • share the recommender form with three people (one must be from a supervisor. Example, employer or volunteer)