Syracuse Manuscript

The Manuscript is Syracuse University’s Black and Latino alumni magazine, and is published three times a year. Update your address to ensure delivery of the magazine to your home! Download the most recent issues or contact Angela Morales-Patterson for archived issues going back to 2011.


Spring 2022 Magazine (PDF)

Spring 2022 Magazine (Text)




Winter 2021 Magazine (PDF)

Winter 2021 Magazine (Text)




Spring 2021 Magazine (PDF)

Spring 2021 Magazine  (Text)




Fall 2020 Magazine (PDF)

Fall 2020 Magazine ( Text)




Summer 2020 Magazine (PDF)

Summer 2020 Magazine (Text)




Winter 2020 Magazine (PDF)

Winter 2020 Magazine (Text)




Summer 2019 magazine [PDF]

Summer 2019 magazine [text]



Cover of Fall 2018 Syracuse Manuscript magazine


Fall 2018 magazine [PDF]

Fall 2018 magazine [text]

Photo: Cover of Spring 2018 Syracuse Manuscript


Spring 2018 magazine [PDF]

Spring 2018 magazine [text]

Photo: Syracuse Manuscript Winter 2017 cover


Fall 2017 magazine [PDF]

Fall 2017 magazine [text]


Photo: Spring 2017 Syracuse Manuscript cover


Spring 2017 magazine [PDF]

Spring 2017 magazine [text]