Crew Time

Reconnect With Your Campus Organizations

 One of the most meaningful components of any college reunion is the opportunity to reconnect with those who were part of your own individual campus communities—fraternities and sororities and other campus organizations that provide a home and family away from home.

In recognition of that importance, the Office of Multicultural Advancement has scheduled Crew Time on Friday evening—a scheduled block of time for organization alumni to come together on their own to have social time, conduct business, or interact with current student members. “We’re providing the time in the schedule and any organization that wants to can plan an event for its members,” says Miko Horn ’95, director of alumni events for the Office of Multicultural Advancement. For example, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity will be holding a 30th anniversary celebration.

Crew Time is scheduled on Friday, Sept. 10 from 7 until 8:45 pm—in between the Chancellor’s Reception and the concert. If your organization needs assistance securing space on campus for Crew Time, please contact Miko Horn at